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How Buck's Recycling Used Vehicles Works:


  1. You Request a Buck's Quote or Donate Your Vehicle
  2. Quote or donation is accepted and Buck's arranges for vehicle  delivery - drop off at a Buck's location or picked up by a Buck's  supplied towing service.
  3. You are paid for your vehicle and the recycling process can begin
  4. All vehicles are environmentally processed with fluids and  hazardous materials reused or recycled.
  5. The vehicles are placed in a Buck's yard so customers can select,  pull and reuse the parts. Additional parts are harvested before the vehicle is sent to an automobile shredder in Canada.
  6. The shredder sends the ferrous to a steel mill in Canada to be re- purposed into materials supporting the Canadian natural resources, construction, and transportation industries.
  7. We value your interest to our company and would love to offer you our best service and parts you may require. However all our yards are self-serve and we do not have the ability to track parts that have been removed from the vehicles. In an effort to keep our prices reasonable we also do not have additional staff to search the yard for parts. Please come see our yards to check if the part you are looking for is available. We have new vehicles arriving daily and encourage you to check our inventory for your vehicle model.


About Buck's Auto Parts
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IMPORTANT NOTICE : We have been made aware of a fraudulent Facebook page using the firm’s name and logo which is active and soliciting payments via e-Transfer for sales and shipping of parts. Please note that this is a scam – all purchases must be conducted in-person at our Bucks Auto Parts locations in Calgary, Edmonton, Regina, Saskatoon and Winnipeg and we do not accept on-line payments or ship parts. Should you have been targeted by these fraudsters, please report to local law enforcement and/or the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre

Bucks Auto Parts is the largest chain of auto recyclers in Western Canada. We help rid streets and back yards of unwanted, unsafe, junk vehicles. We recycle these vehicles in an environmentally friendly manner. Bucks employees are committed to providing for a sustainable future by responsibly processing end of life, junk vehicles with minimal environmental impact.

Bucks supports the following charities.

Canadian Cancer Society: Visit to donate your car to the Canadian Cancer Society.

Teen Challenge Canada: Visit to donate your car to Teen Challenge Canada.

Stars Ambulance: Visit to donote your car to Stars Air Ambulance.

Buck's Auto Parts keeps all vehicle hulks in Canada by sending them to local shredders. The shredders send the ferrous to a Canadian steel mill to be repurposed into materials supporting the Canadian natural resources, construction, agriculture, and transportation industries.�

Bucks Auto Parts has 5 locations to serve you

Bucks Auto Parts Calgary: 2468 61st Ave. SE, Calgary, Alberta, T2C-4V2, 403-276-2825
Bucks Auto Parts Edmonton: 53322, 231 Range Road, Edmonton (Sherwood Park), Alberta, 780-464-6922
Bucks Auto Parts Regina: 3081 Pasqua Street North, Regina, Saskatchewan, 306-721-7283
Bucks Auto Parts Saskatoon: Carmart Rd, Corman Park No. 344, SK SOL, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, 306-249-7278
Bucks Auto Parts Winnipeg: 1550 (Chrysler and Ford), 1640 (Imports) and 1650 (GM and all Trucks/Vans) Springfield Rd, Winnipeg, Manitoba, 204-925-7278

Donate your Vehicle:
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vehicles per lot
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90 day
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* 90 day exchange warranty - Except of the parts not eligible for exchange/return as defined by the rules of each individual Bucks location